Friday, February 25, 2011

Prayer for my heart.

Haven't felt like posting anything since we heard that Kidane's paperwork is delayed.  I get tired of the same question "Have you heard anything yet?"  NO, I haven't!!!!  I don't want to think about it.  I don't like it when I am not in control.  Hmmm, maybe you can relate.  I just had to remind myself God loves Kidane more than I ever could.  So,  God please keep him safe.  Please bring him home soon.

What we need most is prayers.  I need your prayers so I can be patient and strong while waiting.  Kidane needs your prayers for protection and health.  The agencies need prayers so they can get this paperwork handled. There are millions of orphans who need prayers. Actually, we all need prayers!

Let's just pray that God comes soon!  And while we wait for Him, lets pray that we can do our part to reach out and help each other.  I am thankful to be a part of the family of God.  I gain strength from fellow believers.  I hang onto the hope of a better future.  I believe that one day Kidane will come home and be a part of our family.  For now, he is a part of my heart!   

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bad news and then more bad news.....

Monday night we got an email that informed us of some paperwork that needed to be updated ASAP.  One of the documents in our dossier (packet of adoption papers) was going to expire on Feb. 15 next week.  So we need to get a new document, notarize it, add a cover letter, get that notarized then get it authenticated by the state of North Dakota, then..... well you get the idea.  More paperwork and more fees.  Our first question was is this document holding up the adoption process.  Thankfully, the answer is no.  It is just a formality.  Everything is moving forward as it should.

Then the "more bad news" came today.  Another group of families was given a court date for the middle of March, and we were supposed to be in that group.  We should be going for court with them.  Well, turns out that because Kidane has been in the orphanage for so long his paperwork is not current.  So, he is not eligible to go to court yet until that is completed.  So, when is that going to happen???  Well, we don't know.  It depends on the Ethiopian government agencies.  So, now we really wait.  What we need most is your prayers.  God is ultimately in control and we know He can make this process happen in His timing.  Please pray for Kidane while he is still waiting in the orphanage. 

Friday, February 4, 2011


Today is a BEAUTIFUL day!  It is 36 degrees outside and SUNNY!  I needed this, in fact, most people around here would agree we all need this.  The cloudy days were beginning to wear us down.  It causes depression; makes people moody & irritable, and the cold weather has given everyone some cabin fever!  When the sun comes out and warms us up we are much nicer!  God is like the sun.  When we have Him in our lives we are much better people!

The closer I get to meeting our son, the more I am aware that I need THE "Son".  I am so unqualified.  I feel like God is giving me a beautiful present.  I can't wait to "unwrap" this present and meet him for the first time.  We have been waiting for a phone call for 3 months,  and still no court date.  For now, the waiting is a good time to spend time in the "Son" so He can make me the parent He wants me to be.