Wednesday, August 10, 2011

God does hear and answer prayers!

 When Kidane first came home he slept very well.  He slept in our room, in our bed.  Then the second week he slept on a mattress on the floor, the third week Carrie slept on the floor in Kidane's room and he slept in his bunk bed.  The fourth week we had company and Tyler (the son of our company) slept in Kidane's room.  So by week 5 Kidane was ready to sleep in his own room.  But after a couple nights he had trouble sleeping.  He can't sleep without lights on.  So we have a night light in his room, the hall, the bathroom, well you get the idea.  Lights were not a problem, however, we noticed he was getting up at night and closing his bedroom door.  So I asked him why and he said "that man (then he made a scary face) comes".  I said what man,  you are safe here, there is no man.  I tried with every explanation possible to assure him he is safe here.  Then Kidane pointed to his head and said "man come in here".  I realized he was telling me he had bad dreams.

We have family worship each night and pray together with the children.  But this called for more action. 

So I prayed with him and asked Jesus to make the bad man go far away.  And in the morning while eating breakfast, Kidane said,  "Mommy, bad man no come.  You pray and I sleep good."  Praise the Lord!  So the next night he asked Russell to pray and again, he slept well.  Tonight he prayed to Jesus himself.  We serve a very powerful God!  

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's Cold

We have to laugh when Kidane says it's cold outside.  Poor guy doesn't know what is coming this winter.  He says that it is cold and wants a jacket and pants when it is 70 degrees outside.  I know he will adjust, he has too.  North Dakota winters are tough! 

So many firsts!  He wanted to use binoculars today so I said yes, but only in the house.  I said, go to the window and look outside.  So he proceeded to head out the front door.  Carrie looked out the front window and there in the front yard was Kidane, looking up at the front window from outside.  We had a good laugh over that, but we brought him inside and showed him how to look out into the fields. 

He has finally learned how to say girls.  Since we have two girls this was very important.  He always pronouced the word "girls"  like "gross",  it was so funny.  Each time he would say "gross like this?", or "where are the gross?" Cassie and Carrie would quickly correct him.  "GIRRRLS".   Hey,  doesn't every boy think girls are gross???

I will try to get on here more often, now.  There are sooo many funny memories, and wonderful firsts for Kidane.  He is amazing!