Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Out of My Heart...... What???

Life is good in our house.  The kids are into the swing of school.  Kidane loves to learn, for which I am very thankful.  We have family worship every night and during this time we sing songs.  So, we tried out a new song this week.  Into My Heart, Into My Heart.   Kidane loved it right away.  Very simple lyrics and nice tune.  He caught on quickly and began to sing as well. 
Our family added a second verse which we sang on the next night.  Out of My Heart, Out of My Heart, shine out of my heart, Lord Jesus.  At the beginning of this verse the look on Kidane's face was PRICELESS!!   He said "out of my heart", what you no want Jesus in heart???"  We all tried hard not to laugh but couldn't stop.  Of course, we explained the word shine very quickly and now he likes the second verse too. 
At the table last week he was eating lunch and said "mommy, my hands are stinky."  Rather alarmed, I looked over at him from the kitchen and calmly asked why they were stinky. "They are very stinky, mommy".  At which point I realized they were "STICKY".  Oh we have so many good laughs over words lately at our house.  Any of you have kids with "stinky" hands?   If so just hug them and laugh.  :)