Friday, October 14, 2011

So much, so fast

I want to tell everyone about all the fun, awesome, exciting moments we have with our new son.  But by the time he goes to bed, and we sit down, we are too tired to write anything.  I am learning over and over that boys are so different than girls.
Kidane's energy never ends, and he has one volume, LOUD.  I was leaning over to get something out of a lower kitchen cabinet this week when Kidane entered the kitchen.  He wanted to tell me something, so he walked right up to me and said, "MOMMY!"  His head was level with my ear, and I answered right back, "WHAT?".  He jumped and gave me a strange look, like why are you yelling?  I had to laugh.  He has no idea that he is so loud. But I love his enthusiasm!
We were out shopping for a birthday present for one of his friends and he was overwhelmed by the many choices.  He kept saying, "oh, Mommy, look at this one, see this one...etc..."  He said "Oh, they make too many and I like them all."  It was fun watching him wrap the present and see his enthusiasm in giving to others.
I haven't even blogged yet about our family trip to Yellowstone.  He loved it!  He wants to go camping again.  He fits right into our family, we love camping!
God has a way of putting just the right person into just the right family.  He did it for me as a child and now he has done it for Kidane.  We serve as awesome God!

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